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Lesson 15

What are the major areas of learning or understanding that you acquired in this course that you did not have previously?

I had never worked with WordPress or any other similar website building program before this class. Everything I have done before website building-wise was start-from-scratch HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This course allowed me to create more well-thought-out, extravagant websites in a faster time frame. I learned more about website security, plugins, and forms than I had ever before and actually got to apply them to a website I created.

How do you see yourself applying WordPress or any other content management system in this course to your professional work life?

WordPress has both a free version and paid version. Depending on clients, WordPress options allow for customization and budget-friendly options. WordPress and other content management systems allow me, an aspiring web designer, to work faster and easier. This allows me to build a client base that otherwise would take many more years compared to doing everything from scratch.

What would you like to see done differently for future students?

Personally, this class was amazing for me and there isn’t much I would change at all. The pace was great and allowing students to work and build on a final project the whole course really made the website final something to be proud of as compared to a final website that was scraped together in 1 week. This was a hybrid class meeting once a week but really I felt it wasn’t needed, I would personally do maybe a monthly meeting or do online meetings. Online meetings would lead to more students actually showing up and engaging with the class since most GTC students don’t live on campus and instead commute.

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Lesson 14

What advice would you give someone who wanted to learn WordPress without any previous technical background?

WordPress is amazing for both beginners and advanced users. WordPress allows you to grow your technical skills while you are using it. WordPress is also a well-known program so it is easy to find information such as articles and tutorial videos to help you along your journey. Once you have found your way around the base site of the WordPress dashboard then you can start to look into Plug-ins. Plug-ins are where you can truly advance your technical skills by honing in on specific ideas by downloading the plug-in with allows you to do that action. For example, if you want to learn how to make a form on your website for consumers to submit suggestions to you, Plug-ins such as Everest Forms can help you learn the basics by providing a template and features that are specific to the creation of forms. Once you are even further advanced in your technical skills WordPress allows you to create custom CSS code for your website. In order to do this, you must know the CSS language and know how to edit the site you have created with that CSS. This is why WordPress is amazing for both beginners and advanced people in the technical field.

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Lesson 13

Tell me your goals for your Final Project.

I want to make a site that is simple and easy to navigate. Something that keeps people coming back to read new reviews! A site that can keep being added too without adding clutter and confusion.

Describe the content and the layout of your site.

The content includes request forms and links to other socials. But the main star is my reviews. I want to keep the focus on the reviews other than on the other pages. The home page has links to the review categories and the only page not in direct reference to the reviews is the About Me page.

What story are you trying to tell with your website?

I am trying to put a women’s perspective in the gaming field where men run most websites discussing video games.

What are the 3 most important things you want people to understand after viewing your site?

  1. Women have a place in the gaming industry 2. Everyone can play video games and have fun 3. It’s okay to share your opinions especially if you enjoy something.

Explain if you need a child theme or not to accomplish your goals for the final project

A child theme is not required for me to accomplish what I want for my final project website, but it can help with further customizing the look I am going for.

custom CSS or a child theme tell me which route you think you’re using and why.

A Child theme is better suited for my website since I do not have an over-the-top layout or features in mind. Child themes are faster and easier to use for my website while providing everything I want for my website.

Explain how the explode function works on line 47 (You’ll probably need to google this) in a sentence or so.

Line 47 is $lyrics = explode( “\n”, $lyrics ); which in the comments says Here we split it into lines, this is because the explode function is used to split a string by a string in this case the strings are lyrics.

Which php function acts as a hook to ensure the functions execute in this plugin?

Lines 60 and 80 the add_action

Would the plugin be visible in your site’s dashboard if the first 13 lines didn’t exist?

No, the first 13 lines are used to have it properly appear in the dashboard. Without it may show an error message for the file at the bottom of the dashboard.

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Lesson 12

How do you decide on the right WordPress theme for your project?

First, you need to know what you want your website to be about. For me, it is game reviews. This means it’s mostly going to be reading as compared to like a shopping site or photography page. I needed something less cluttered and more simple but cute so that it is easy to read without distractions and pop-ups. I choose the theme Twenty Twenty since it had the most options for features I wanted and was minimalistic but had color, unlike the other more minimalistic options I saw. This theme allowed me to create a cute, simple page for my reviews but also have more extravagant pages for my home, about me, etc.

What are the do’s and don’ts when deciding on the right WordPress theme project?

If you want cleaner and more in-depth help with choosing a WordPress theme. I suggest going to this reference like I did at the start. Researching before you choose can reduce the chance of realizing when you’re almost done that you made the wrong choice. You can also look at other websites with a similar purpose as your own to see what you like a dislike about them so when you work on your own web page you can reduce some of the beta testings that would show you that you don’t like those features.

Something I would like to add is that you can always change your theme. If you realize halfway through that the theme you are using just isn’t right, WordPress makes it easy it change. It can be a minor reason like font or a major reason like the whole layout. It is okay to change it! It is better to take more time and change to a theme that better fits your site than to be stubborn and stick to a theme that just isn’t working.

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Lesson 10

✅ Create a website of anything of your choosing. Such as a hobby, career, or product.  (Just nothing controversial )      Video game reviews

✅ Must include at least 5 pages; index.html (home page) and 4 content pages of your choice.        HomePage, Blogs, About me, Contact/policy, Request form

✅ CSS styles must be stored in an external style sheet.

✅ Set an appropriate title for each page.

✅ Create hyperlinks between each of your pages. Links on each page leading to another mentioned

✅ Include at least 1 image on each page, not including the logo. Self-made Pixel art or game image

✅ Use at least 1 CSS button as a hyperlink to an external website.         Steam/ps4 link to each game

✅ Include at least 1 table. Homepage holding review categories

✅ Include meta keywords and descriptions on all pages. Used Meta Tag Manager plugin

✅ Include a form with at least 3 different form objects (for example; text field, text area, checkbox, list, etc.). Request Form page

_✅_ Include at least one multimedia element; flash, shockwave, or mp3. Gameplay videos in reviews

✅ Include headings and text in the custom divs and the remaining page content.

To final project I just need to add more real game reviews so far I only have one done.

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Lesson 9

WP Super Cache Settings, Caching On

I turned on any feature with the recommended label to ensure the plugin was working at a base level the developer thought was alright.
Enabled EDN Support since it was recommended on the plugin website.
I turned on Clear all cache files when a post or page is published or updated in order to reduce my website’s data, help storage.

I turned on Enable login lockdown, allow unlock request, made max login attempts 20 since I don’t expect many to try to be hacking or even logging into my site
added generic error message and my email me if someone is locked out.
I turned on Auto Block of SPAM comment IPs and made the minimum number of SPAM comments 30 to avoid accidentally blocking users having a conversation.
Turned on Scanner every 4 weeks and to email me if issues are found.

Security and firewall dashboards, Security Strength Meter at 130
Security Strength Meter at 130
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Lesson 8

I chose subdirectories over subdomain since from looking at the requirements it seemed the best options for running smoothly and organization.

I made it so no one except the super admin can add users for security reasons. If I happened to add an admin who didn’t actually know what they were doing they could accidentally let people in and give access to private information or they could even have malicious intent.

I only have one question about reverting back to a Single Site. When you have to go into the SQL database and remove some files in the video she had more files necessary to delete but one or two were not there for me. Are the files going to be the same for each person or does it change based on what you have your site doing.

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How to Become a Proofreader

Want to become a part of my website? Are you good at spelling and grammar? Are you willing to edit around 1-2 posts per week and monitor comments? If you are please email me (link in socials in footer)!

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Lesson 7

General role options, Grant access for Moderate Comments, Read, Unfiltered HTML

General role options, Grant access for Moderate Comments, Read, Unfiltered HTML

My website new role is Proof Reader,
This role allows the user to moderate comments (handle spam). They can read pages, Private Posts/Pages, and unfiltered HTML. I am not the best at writing and especially spelling. This role was made so that a select few users could be my proofreaders. I didn’t want the users to edit the page, so I made it only for them to read, and then they would privately send me editing suggestions. I choose this in order to ensure that nothing is lost by an accident during editing. This way I can review the edit myself before finalizing it for the website.

Post role options, Grant Read Private Posts and Read

Post role options, Grant Read Private Posts and Read

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Lesson 5

Here are 3 links to sites that I am using as references for my new website idea:

This is a rough draft for my homepage, I want to have a bright site more on the feminine side since most game reviews sites on targeted towards male gamers. I want to have the homepage to have an introduction to me and a preview of a few of my blogs (most recent or most popular).

I think a hyperlink within the about me section should link to the about page which will go into more detail than the quick preview on the homepage.

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Lesson 4 New Ideas

Originally I wanted to go into game design/development. So to add my passion for video games into my school I have come to the decision to change my final project to a Game Review website. Similar to sites such as and .

Will nunchuk and regular controllers, switch joy-cons, and PS5 controller.
Wii, Switch, and PS5 controllers Testing Out WebPress ShortCuts

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Lesson 3

My website is going to be my portfolio to display the work I have done while in school. I want my website to show how much I have learned and be a great way for me to look back on my work and also a way for future teachers and maybe employers to see my skills and how far I have come. I changed the Reading settings to have the Blog page show at most 15 posts and syndication feeds to show the most recent 5. I thought this amount was perfect for allowing them to get a taste of my work and then to view more if they wish within one page, the blog page. For the writing settings, I changed it to Status since I think my post will consist more of a screenshot of my work, a quick summary, and a link to view that work in its entirety on its own page. These shorter more simplified posts will allow others to quickly look through and find something they may be more interested in, causing less boredom and more engagement. For my Permalinks settings, I change it to display my domain name and then the post name. I choose this option because when linking the page on other sites it would be easier to tell which post and what it is about compared to just the date or time it was posted. For my general settings, I made the time zone my own UTC -5 and the date m/d/y. With discussion settings, I changed both the rating to PG and to have that users must be registered and logged in to comment in order to prevent spam and inappropriate activity. Lastly, with Media, I changed Max width and height to 1000 for large to prevent huge images on my site.

Permalink, Reading, and Writing settings

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!