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Lesson 3

My website is going to be my portfolio to display the work I have done while in school. I want my website to show how much I have learned and be a great way for me to look back on my work and also a way for future teachers and maybe employers to see my skills and how far I have come. I changed the Reading settings to have the Blog page show at most 15 posts and syndication feeds to show the most recent 5. I thought this amount was perfect for allowing them to get a taste of my work and then to view more if they wish within one page, the blog page. For the writing settings, I changed it to Status since I think my post will consist more of a screenshot of my work, a quick summary, and a link to view that work in its entirety on its own page. These shorter more simplified posts will allow others to quickly look through and find something they may be more interested in, causing less boredom and more engagement. For my Permalinks settings, I change it to display my domain name and then the post name. I choose this option because when linking the page on other sites it would be easier to tell which post and what it is about compared to just the date or time it was posted. For my general settings, I made the time zone my own UTC -5 and the date m/d/y. With discussion settings, I changed both the rating to PG and to have that users must be registered and logged in to comment in order to prevent spam and inappropriate activity. Lastly, with Media, I changed Max width and height to 1000 for large to prevent huge images on my site.

Permalink, Reading, and Writing settings

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