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Lesson 10

✅ Create a website of anything of your choosing. Such as a hobby, career, or product.  (Just nothing controversial )      Video game reviews

✅ Must include at least 5 pages; index.html (home page) and 4 content pages of your choice.        HomePage, Blogs, About me, Contact/policy, Request form

✅ CSS styles must be stored in an external style sheet.

✅ Set an appropriate title for each page.

✅ Create hyperlinks between each of your pages. Links on each page leading to another mentioned

✅ Include at least 1 image on each page, not including the logo. Self-made Pixel art or game image

✅ Use at least 1 CSS button as a hyperlink to an external website.         Steam/ps4 link to each game

✅ Include at least 1 table. Homepage holding review categories

✅ Include meta keywords and descriptions on all pages. Used Meta Tag Manager plugin

✅ Include a form with at least 3 different form objects (for example; text field, text area, checkbox, list, etc.). Request Form page

_✅_ Include at least one multimedia element; flash, shockwave, or mp3. Gameplay videos in reviews

✅ Include headings and text in the custom divs and the remaining page content.

To final project I just need to add more real game reviews so far I only have one done.

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