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Animal Crossing New Horizon


In ACNH you play as yourself in a world where you now are a resident (more like the owner) of an island! You pay off loans to expand your home and get new residents. There are over 300 hundred different villagers who can live on your island, 10 Max at a time. You decorate, craft, and build friendships.


Tom Nook is basically the main character other than you. You must pay your loans off to him and speak to him about expanding and construction. His sons, Timmy and Tommy, run Nook’s Cranny which is a shop you get after playing for a few days. Isabelle will join your island and work with Tom Nook, She gives you daily announcements and will tell you your island’s star rating. Kapp’n is a man on the pier who will take you to islands in order to gather resources. Blathers run the museum and Brewster runs the coffee shop within the museum. The last permanent character on your island is Sable and Mable who run the clothing store “The Able Sisters”.

Other characters can appear on your island randomly or once a week. K.K slider is a singer who comes every Saturday. Lable, the other able sister, will come randomly to ask you to model for her. Kick’s comes to sell accessories, Redd comes to sell art (be careful some are fake!), Leif sells plants, Saharah sells wallpaper/flooring and rugs.

The more rare random characters are: Gulliver who you find on the beach washed overboard who you help fix his communicator so he can get back to his ship. Wisp only can appear at night and when you scare will lose 5 pieces of his spirit. When you help him collect them all back he will gift you either something new or expensive based on what you pick. Lastly is Celeste, she also appears at night and is Blathers’ sister. She comes whenever there are shooting stars and will teach you about constellations.

Sound & Graphics

Both are amazing! The music in this game is very uplifting and the graphics are simplified and still beautiful. There are a million ways to decorate and many songs to choose from if you collect them all.


The game is very easy to get the hang of with aspects such as using tools and how to interact with other characters. Decorating is where it can get a bit difficult. Inside your house, it easy but outside is harder. One big thing in the fandom that is disliked is that you cannot place rugs outside. Decorating is made easier if you have the online subscription and the happy home paradise dlc which both cost extra money.

In-Game Purchases

The Happy Home Paradise DLC is $25 And the Online Subscription varies based on what option you pick (Mine was the base one for a year $20) The DLC adds hours of more gameplay, items, and features. The online subscription allows you to play with friends and access the kiosk which holds custom designs made by you and other players so you can further customize your island.


This game is one of my favorites, It is great for the whole family and all the add-ons are amazing as well. There are some features I wish could be fixed and items I wish could be added in. So overall I give it a 8/10!

Playing Online with friends is one of the best parts! Here’s me and my friends Jamming Out!

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