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Lesson 12

How do you decide on the right WordPress theme for your project?

First, you need to know what you want your website to be about. For me, it is game reviews. This means it’s mostly going to be reading as compared to like a shopping site or photography page. I needed something less cluttered and more simple but cute so that it is easy to read without distractions and pop-ups. I choose the theme Twenty Twenty since it had the most options for features I wanted and was minimalistic but had color, unlike the other more minimalistic options I saw. This theme allowed me to create a cute, simple page for my reviews but also have more extravagant pages for my home, about me, etc.

What are the do’s and don’ts when deciding on the right WordPress theme project?

If you want cleaner and more in-depth help with choosing a WordPress theme. I suggest going to this reference like I did at the start. Researching before you choose can reduce the chance of realizing when you’re almost done that you made the wrong choice. You can also look at other websites with a similar purpose as your own to see what you like a dislike about them so when you work on your own web page you can reduce some of the beta testings that would show you that you don’t like those features.

Something I would like to add is that you can always change your theme. If you realize halfway through that the theme you are using just isn’t right, WordPress makes it easy it change. It can be a minor reason like font or a major reason like the whole layout. It is okay to change it! It is better to take more time and change to a theme that better fits your site than to be stubborn and stick to a theme that just isn’t working.

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