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Lesson 13

Tell me your goals for your Final Project.

I want to make a site that is simple and easy to navigate. Something that keeps people coming back to read new reviews! A site that can keep being added too without adding clutter and confusion.

Describe the content and the layout of your site.

The content includes request forms and links to other socials. But the main star is my reviews. I want to keep the focus on the reviews other than on the other pages. The home page has links to the review categories and the only page not in direct reference to the reviews is the About Me page.

What story are you trying to tell with your website?

I am trying to put a women’s perspective in the gaming field where men run most websites discussing video games.

What are the 3 most important things you want people to understand after viewing your site?

  1. Women have a place in the gaming industry 2. Everyone can play video games and have fun 3. It’s okay to share your opinions especially if you enjoy something.

Explain if you need a child theme or not to accomplish your goals for the final project

A child theme is not required for me to accomplish what I want for my final project website, but it can help with further customizing the look I am going for.

custom CSS or a child theme tell me which route you think you’re using and why.

A Child theme is better suited for my website since I do not have an over-the-top layout or features in mind. Child themes are faster and easier to use for my website while providing everything I want for my website.

Explain how the explode function works on line 47 (You’ll probably need to google this) in a sentence or so.

Line 47 is $lyrics = explode( “\n”, $lyrics ); which in the comments says Here we split it into lines, this is because the explode function is used to split a string by a string in this case the strings are lyrics.

Which php function acts as a hook to ensure the functions execute in this plugin?

Lines 60 and 80 the add_action

Would the plugin be visible in your site’s dashboard if the first 13 lines didn’t exist?

No, the first 13 lines are used to have it properly appear in the dashboard. Without it may show an error message for the file at the bottom of the dashboard.

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