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Undertale story is very large so I am only able to give a simple overview. Undertale takes place in the Underground, a realm where monsters were banished after war broke out with humans. You play as a human who falls into the underground and you must pick your path. Depending on how you play the game the story changes and will affect replays of your game as well. You can do a “Pacifist,” “Neutral” or “Genocide” routes.


This is quite a large game FULL of many characters and lore. A few main characters are Flowey, Human, Toriel, Asgore, and Sans. This is a very simplified list since Undertale has many many characters and deep lore it changes based on how you play the game. The array of personalities makes the story interesting and makes you want to learn about every character.

Sound & Graphics

Personally, I love pixel art games, The balance of simple but not too much so you can still have some detail is an art form I love. It may not be for everyone but even if you don’t enjoy the graphics the story surely will be enough to keep you entertained.

The music in this game was done by Toby Fox (The creator). He has done music before and I love his work. I listen to Undertale’s soundtrack as background music all the time. The variety and the environment building that the music adds to the game is amazing. Even if you are unable to play the game I recommend at least listening to the soundtrack.


Since this game is pixelated the movement can be a bit harder when playing on the switch (if you use the analog stick) using the directional buttons makes it slightly better in regular movement and more precise doing battles.

In-Game Purchases

This Game has no In-Game Purchases!


If you love complex stories, looking into theorys, and exploring this is for you. I give undertale a soild 9/10!

Toriel’s home, It’s you!
Sans playing his tricks on Frisk (you the human)

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