Adventure Game Review Strategy



You find a book in front of you with a moving image, when you touch the book you travel to the world in the image. On this island, you have to solve puzzles and unravel the story of this island and the family that once lived there.


There are 3 characters you come in contact with, and a few that are mentioned in the book and letters you have to read to solve puzzles and other books for further world-building. Sirrus and Achenar are the sons of Atrus and Catherine. You first come into contact with the two sons who are stuck in a book similar to the one you traveled through and ask for help. You find letters between Atrus and Catherine discussing the horrible actions their sons have done. You then find Atrus who tells you not the trust what the sons have been telling you. You must choose who to trust and you can get multiple endings.

Sound & Graphics

The soundtrack was created by Robyn Miller and is one of the most immersive experiences. Robyn Miller went on to continue to create soundtracks for later games created by Cyan Inc.

While the graphics are obviously aged compared to now at the time these graphics were mesmerizing and to me still hold up enough to make the world feel real. If graphics are an issue for you Cyan Inc has made remastered versions of the game.


Myst is a point-and-click game in the original version. This means that you don’t have full unlimited exploration. Cyan Inc has since made remastered versions if you would prefer a free-roam game with the same puzzles with better debugging. The puzzles may be hard for some to find out it depends on the person, but if you do find yourself needing help there are many online guides to help you out.

In-Game Purchases

This Game has no In-Game Purchases!


This game was my childhood and I hold family memories to this game very close to my heart. If you love puzzle games that you either play alone or with friends/family to figure out this is for you. A 10/10 for me!

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