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The Forest


You play as Eric LeBlanc who was on a flight with his son Timmy before the plane chases onto a peninsula. After the crash, you awake and see Timmy being taken by a man covered in red paint. You must survive the wilderness, fight monsters, and FIND TIMMY.


You play as Eric LeBlanc who was a famed survival documentary host from Canada and author of the Survival Guide which you use to craft in the game. Timmy is your son who was kidnapped by the Red man who you find out the other cannibals respect for some reason. The enemies in the game are cannibals from different tribes and mutants. There are 9 different cannibal and mutant types. To avoid spoilers I will only mention the character with no detail, The character Megan is a child of similar age to Timmy.

Sound & Graphics

The background music isn’t much in this game which actually adds a bit to the uneasy feeling. The sound effects from the cave, water, wind, etc are enough for the environment. The true horror comes from hearing the scurring of monsters sneaking up on you or their roars breaking the silence.

The graphics aren’t amazing but the monster designs are quite interesting and the story makes up for it.


This is the first game I am reviewing that has the multiplayer option! Personally, I prefer playing it as a multiplayer game compared to single-player. It also has difficulty modes so you can either do peaceful to just discover the story or easy to hard depending on the challenge you want. The game does glitch quite often but nothing that completely ruins the game. The mechanics are easy to learn but features like the bow and arrow are a bit hard to use.

In-Game Purchases

This Game has no In-Game Purchases!


If you want a fun game you can play both alone and with friends, this is for you! You can play as much as you want even after you first finish the game so I give it an 8/10.

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