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Doom Eternal


As the Earth descends into madness, and Hell ascends to the living world, you play as the Doomslayer; on a quest to stop the Maykrs who wish to destroy the Earth. Along the way, you learn more of the Slayer’s past, as you rip and tear through hoards of hells army.


In Doom Eternal, you play as the Doom Slayer, a no nonsense 5’9 force of nature as you traverse the galaxy; from the literal christian Hell to an alien version of Heaven. Along the way, you encounter various enemy types; all of which are demonic minions of either Satan or The Maykr. Some of which include the Maurader, the Arch-Ville, and the horribly annoying Caco demon.

Sound & Graphics

Mick Gordon returns from the previous entry DOOM (2016), to deliver another astonishing soundtrack. Each level has a unique theme, however, when a battle engages you are rewarded with the classic Doom theme.

Graphically this game is mesmerizing. Working in tandem with the fantastic score, each level truly sucks you into the experience, with phenomenal character and level designs being realized and rendered in an extravagantly beautiful manner. whether it be a last-gen, current, or even PC port of the game, demon guts have never looked better.


Though frustrating at times due the sheer number of enemies present in the latter portions of the game, Doom Eternal has some of the best arena combat of the modern era. The game offers a wide variety of new weapons and gadgets at your disposal as you dispose of waves of demonic hellspawn. With new methods of mobility and new throwables, the controller gets a little confusing at times; However, once you get the hang of it, the game becomes one of the smoothest gaming exercises out there. The inclusion of cheat codes, hidden trophies, collectibles, al and multiplayer allows for great replayabitly

In-Game Purchases

Interms of ingame purchases the allows you buy alternate skins, aswell as seperate versions of the game that include even more Doom Slayer variants. You are also able to purchase DLC that further expands the story.


Overall, 2020’s Doom Eteranal is another succseful entry in the Rebooted franchise. From the soundtrack to the level design, Doom eternal offers a one of a kind experience that really makes you fell like you are the Doom Slayer. Personally, I’d give Doom Eternal a 9/10.

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