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Before the game begins you are told, “You are Miles Upshur, an investigative reporter whose ambition is about to earn him an intimate tour of hell on earth. Always willing to risk digging into the stories no other journalist would dare to investigate, you will seek out the dark secret at the heart of Mount Massive Asylum. Stay alive as long as you can, record everything. You are not a fighter; to navigate the horrors of Mount Massive and expose the truth, your only choices are to run, hide, or die.” You, Miles Upshur, received an email from a Whistleblower describing the crimes Mount Massive is committing. Once you enter you must uncover the truth.


The main enemy you will encounter is Chris Walker a larger muscular man that hunts you down almost nonstop. There are twins that want to eat you, and Richard Trager a doctor-turned-patient who wants to cut you open and perform experiments as he does to other patients in the asylum.
Martin Archimbaud is a preacher that prays to the Walrider a character you must uncover the secret of. The last main Character is Rudolf Wernicke the head scientist on the Walrider experiment.

Sound & Graphics

The score really adds to the tension throughout the game. It’s not the best compared to other games and sometimes glitches.

The graphics are slightly dated compared to now but still are amazing and the gore is almost too realistic. The graphics for the night vision are incredibly creepy with the glowing eyes and the green tint.


This game does have difficulty modes which can help you build your skill by starting out on the normal mode and progressing to nightmare. You can only run and hide from enemies which can lead to some problem solving of when to do which. If you hit the run button while crouched will make you stand and when freaking out and trying to get away did cause some issues for me. But overall the mechanics are easy to understand.

In-Game Purchases

This Game has no In-Game Purchases! However, there is a DLC add-on to explore more of the story called Whistleblower.


The ending can be a bit confusing when you first finish the game. Digging into the lore through the comics and other games is where you’ll really understand the story. If you want a good adrenaline rush and challenges this is for you. For me, I’ll give Outlast a 7/10.

TW: Gore

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